No Stems, No Sticks, No Fillers - Featured Image
Did you know Nomadic Effects doesn’t use fillers in our products? We believe our adaptogens should be pure and untainted by unnecessary fillers. Many companies use fillers to reduce manufacturing costs, reduce the occurrence of ingredients splitting, separating, cracking or clumping.
Jordan Brandt • Sep 3, 2020
Dr. Israel Brekhman - The Father of Adaptogens - Featured Image

Meet Dr. Israel Brekhman the founding father of plant based medicine adaptogen compounds! Adaptogens are the healing plants of the world....

Jordan Brandt • Aug 12, 2020
VELA Blend - Stress & Anxiety Management - Featured Image

VELA - Stress & Anxiety Blend Located in the southern hemisphere, the constellation Vela is named for the sails of a...

Jordan Brandt • Jul 20, 2020
Centaurus Blend  For Immune System Optimization - Featured Image

CENTAURUS - Immune Blend  The constellation Centaurus illuminates the southern sky and contains Alpha Centauri, the brightest globular cluster visible from Earth....

Jordan Brandt • Jul 16, 2020
The Wim Hof Method -  Adapt Your Vibe - Featured Image

The Wim Hof Method has been something of scientific speculation while also becoming one of the world's most popular forms...

Jordan Brandt • Jul 14, 2020
Corvus Sleep Blend For A Full Night's Sleep - Featured Image

CORVUS - Sleep Blend  A small constellation in the southern hemisphere, Corvus is the latin name for Raven. In many...

Jordan Brandt • Jul 1, 2020
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