Since COVID-19 erupted, the supplement industry has noticed a minor uptick in sales, but not because any of us are peddling a cure. We stress this point because in the era of legalization, it would be a slap in the face to all those who word so hard to get legitimacy around plant medicine, and so hard to fight stigma against natural remedies. Making claims about supplements could actually unravel any legitimacy of the product or our company and we are not here to make a profit off of a vulnerable consumer right now.

Anyone who works in this market understands the need to be aware of what we can and cannot say about on our labels, website, and social media. There are pretty clear guidelines for us on what can and cannot be said or done so. Along with these guidelines, anyone who has ever worked with holistic medicine understands that we 100% CANNOT make claims about specific diseases. You can't even go near it, because the studies aren't there and if brands are citing specific diseases, like coronavirus, then you should not trust that brand.

"The ‘miracle cure’ claims that some members of the natural wellness community can sometimes make, even when well-intentioned, can have harmful effects on people’s behaviour and also tarnish the industry as promoting ‘snake oils.’" - Dr Dani Gordon, Integrative Medicine Expert

Of course there are a ton of evangelists (us included) who live by the healing properties of natural plant medicine. So why write this if we are negating our own product? Mostly because we feel the important thing for a company to do is have integrity. Our responsibility is to educate and elevate. There aren't enough studies on Covid-19 and cannabis to understand how those two would interact. Making any unfound claims would tarnish what progress has been made to understanding this plant medicine and potentially stunt the growth of future research.

How do I boost my immune system then?

Eat a healthy well-balanced diet, get GOOD sleep and make sure you are taking time to really recenter yourself from the constant stresses surrounding us. After all, the changes we are seeing right now are unlike anything that has been seen before.

If you feel like that is not enough then we have a pretty spectacular selection of adaptogenic blends both with and without CBD that may help assist your body in handling your stress.

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