Take a back seat death and taxes, stress is the only true guarantee in life. This fact is traceable back to the beginning of humankind and while the fight or flight instinct has evolved into a more modern comply or cry method, stress is still stress. And stress fucking sucks.

When we face a stressor, whether physical or mental, our bodies go through what’s called general adaptation syndrome (GAS). GAS is a three-stage response: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Adaptogens help us stay in the resistance phase longer, via a stimulating effect that holds off the exhaustion. Instead of crashing in the midst of a stressful moment, task, or event, we attain equilibrium and can soldier on.

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When we can adapt to stress, we perform better and feel better despite what’s stressing us out. And with that, we can also improve our health and well-being. When you’re stressed, your adrenal gland releases the stress hormone cortisol, which then energizes you to tackle an emergency. But too much too often is usually bad for our bodies.

Tara Nayak, a naturopathic physician in Philadelphia who recommends adaptogens to her clients says that “Cortisol is often the culprit for weight gain, especially around the belly area...When you reduce stress with adaptogens, you reduce stress hormones and hence their effect on weight gain.”

This is why Nomad Effects has developed Vela, our stress formula, to help you adapt to your life and handle each day in stride. The herbs in this formula are individually extracted to provide a broad spectrum of plant compounds. It is easily dispensed, taken in capsule form and/or you can separate the capsule and add it to your morning coffee, mid-day tea, water or other liquids.

Shop Nomadic - Vela Stress Supplement - Adapt your vibe.