Full Spectrum for Pets in Hemp Oil
Full Spectrum for Pets in Hemp Oil
$25.00 USD 30ml - 400mg

Full Spectrum for Pets in Hemp Oil

Your doggo, 'ol faithful who sits by your side and patiently waits for you to get home every day deserves to be loved too! We formulated an oil specifically to look after your furry friend. When storm season approaches, make sure you have a bottle of this handy.

The nutty, earthy flavour of the Hemp Oil will have them lapping it up. We suggest you put 1/2 a dropper in their food with every meal. It will help keep their arthritis at bay and their coat as shiny as ever. 

Perfect for pooches young & old, this is a good overall blend to keep them happy, healthy and that little bit hippy.

  • 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract
  • USDA Organic Hemp Oil
  • Organically grown, raw, non-GMO hemp plants from Oregon
  • 1oz/30ml Amber Bottle
  • All Organic ingredients
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested

Directions for use:

  • Squeeze 1/4-1/2 dropper into your pet's food or into their mouth.
  • Try giving this to them with every meal. We recommend you keep the bottle next to their food as a reminder.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. 
    • I.e. don't leave it exposed to sunlight and expect for it to last for 12 months.
  • Shelf life: 12 months from date of shipment.
    • If it lasts this long, then that's incredible, because it means you're really looking after your pooch. You're better off going through a bottle every ~2 months. 
  • How long until they feel the effects?
    • CBD oil is kind of like water. If you have a glass then nothing happens, but if you stop taking it, you'll notice the effects of not having it. We find after a few weeks you notice that the limp is gone, or their appetite has increased, or their coat is shinier than ever!

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Fun Fact: Did you know Nomadic Effects doesn’t use fillers or additives in our products?

We have to put in some sort of Legal Disclaimer, because some people struggle to understand that every body is built differently and therefore there are different effects.

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