With the reality of the COVID-19 creating a voice of caution for our fellow person there are those in the healthcare community like Dr. Anaheed Jackson, ND of Healthy Roots Clinic using social media as a platform to assist the public in fighting this epidemic.

In a recent post to her personal Facebook profile, Dr. Jackson gave us the following top remedies for the Coronavirus:

I have been keeping up with the latest research and my homeopathic colleagues as to what remedies to use to lessen the chance of contraction of the virus. I do not sell remedies to individuals who are not my patients so you have to purchase these remedies from other companies (I'll put this info in the comments). Thank you!

1. Homeopathic Coronavirus

A homeopathic made out of actual coronavirus that you can take to lessen the chance of contraction. This is the field of homeoprophylaxis where you take remedies made out of diseases in order to educate your immune system so that it has less of a chance of contracting the virus/bacteria when it encounters. Remember, homeopathic medicine is so diluted to the point there is no molecules left of the original substance, just the energetic information of that original substance. Much research has been done on homeoprophylaxis.


2. Petasites hybridus (Tussilago petasites)

This remedy is recommended from my teacher and mentor, homeopath Anne Vervarcke who resides in Belgium. She has been practicing homeopathy for the past 25 years and believes this remedy is key to helping with the cough and lung symptoms produced by this coronavirus. This remedy is commonly known as "cough-wort" in herbal medicine and concurrently treats respiratory distress and cough homeopathically. I very much trust her judgement.

3. Arsenicum Album

This remedy is another excellent remedy to treat respiratory distress as well as diarrhea/fluid loss. It is our #1 food poisoning remedy. It is one of our main remedies to treat advanced stage pneumonia, especially if there is any sort of burning pains or fear of death or disease. The Indian Government has recommended its people take Arsenicum album as a preventative for the coronavirus.


4. Gelsemium Sempervirens

This is one of our #1 remedies to treat the flu. I personally took this remedy when I had the flu along with Eupatorium perfoliatum and it greatly reduced my symptoms and allowed me to recover in 24 hours. Homeopaths have worked with individuals who have contracted coronavirus using Gelsemium in China with success. You want to use this remedy when there is extreme weakness, heaviness, sleepiness, and droopiness.

5. Eupatorium Perfoliatum

Along with Gelsemium, this remedy is commonly used to treat Influenza and has been used with success to avoid the coronavirus in China during this outbreak. There has to be a lot of bone ache/bone pain to give this remedy, pain in the bones so bad it feels like the bones are broken. Think of when you have a horrible, high fever and your bones hurt. This is the state of Eupatorium.

6. Bryonia Alba

Similar to Gelsemium and Eupatorium, Bryonia is another huge remedy to treat influenza and has been used with success in this coronavirus outbreak in China. The main state of Bryonia is one where any slight movement makes the person's pain worse. They don't want to be bothered, be touched, be moved, because any small movement increases their discomfort and pain. The person can have a chronic migraine headache. All the pain in their body feels better with pressure (so they like to lay on hard surfaces, or press their head during a headache, or be wrapped tightly in a blanket). The cough is very dry and it hurts to cough because of the movement.

I made a video discussing these remedies if you would like to watch here:


I also wanted to provide you with material from Dr. James Lyons-Weiler who I very much trust. He has been studying the Coronavirus since the first outbreak occurred in China.


In addition to the above, I recommend having Vitamin C, A, Zinc, NAC, and Elderberry syrup on hand.

Hope this is helpful!

Thank you for this information Dr. Jackson!