We added 50 milligrams of full spectrum CBD from the Sun+Earth Certified growers at East Fork Cultivars to each capsule with this collection.

Why pair adaptogens with hemp?

While many hemp compounds are poorly absorbed, the combination with our blends promotes stronger bioavailability. So not only is Nomadic + Hemp a purer product, it’s more potent as well.


Nomadic + Hemp acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS)—the cell-signaling network that helps the body maintain homeostasis (its status quo condition). The ECS aids in regulating numerous functions throughout the body, ranging from recovery to cognitive function.†︎ This means that Nomadic + Hemp is the foundation to Adapt Your Vibe, especially when combined with our signature herbal blends. 

Enjoy 1,500 MG in our 30 Count for $75 or 
3,000 MG in our 60 Count for $125!